We at Almouneer offer a great range of high quality, digital ocular services for the convenience of our patients.These include the fully digital eye examination; various eye investigations and imaging services. We also offer ocular procedures: including in-office laser procedures and intravitreal treatment. In addition, we provide advanced retinal diagnostics, intraocular ultrasound and visual field assessment. All our digitized machines and equipment help evaluate all ocular abnormalities associated with diabetes.

We structure our work on more up-to-date and innovative models, ones that comply with the international standards through our fully digitalized centers and electronic medical records (EMR).


Equipment and Technology:

Our lives have become highly-dependant on technology. Therefore, at Almouneer we believe technology is an integral part of our healthcare center that needed to be embodied. We invested in the latest technology and the most up-to-date machines, together with the best trained and most compassionate doctors to exceed our patients’ expectations.

Our services include: