Research Support

The scientific process can be demanding in terms of time, brainpower and practical involvement and we acknowledge that this may cause physicians to procrastinate or completely neglect their research activities. Therefore, we have set up a unique platform, where physicians can seek support from our expert clinical scientists to design, conduct and publish novel clinical studies.

You will be working with a highly educated team of researchers who have extensive experience in designing clinical studies.

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Study Design:

If you have a scientific question that you are interested in answering but are not sure where to begin, we can help you design your study. We will guide you towards the proper resources to achieve a comprehensive literature review. We will also help you formulate a hypothesis, determine the parameters you need to examine in order to answer your question, the appropriate number of patients to include, the proper controls as well as the most efficient way to gather and analyze data.

Data Collection:

Al Mouneer has a top-notch diagnostics facility, which can be utilized by clinicians who are interested in conducting retinal or more general ophthalmological examinations for research purposes. We have state-of-the-art equipment to allow for advanced retinal imaging and laser treatments as well as a fully digitized medical record system that allows for easy access and tracking of patient data.

Data Analysis:

Once you have collected all the necessary data for your research, Almouneer can help you analyze your data and perform all the appropriate statistical tests that will lead to meaningful conclusions.

Scientific Writing:

Many researchers find the task of writing scientific papers to be incredibly tedious. Almouneer offers a scientific writing service, which alleviates this burden from the principal investigator. It is often more efficient to first determine the most appropriate journal for your manuscript in order to model your writing based on its requirements. Therefore, we first cooperate with you in finding the journal best suited for your publication. Once determined, Almouneer uses the data you have generated to draft your manuscript. We provide with support during the entire process of writing and editing your paper.

Scientific Editing:

If you have already drafted a manuscript and would like to have edited, experts Almouneer will proofread, edit and improve your paper for clarity and language to produce the highest quality possible for publication in an international journal.

Preparation for Publication:

The final step of publishing a scientific paper is often the hardest. In order to publish your paper you must first select the appropriate journal for you publication. If not previously determined, Almouneer can help you find the journal that best suits your manuscript and field of interest through thorough research. Then, Almouneer will edit your manuscript to fit the requirements of your journal of choice and guide you through the manuscript submission process. Almouneer can also write your cover letter and fill out your manuscript submission form.