We are continuously expanding our research to further understand diabetic eye diseases and related factors, especially in Egypt and the Middle East.


Our research team is led by Amy Nabih, a graduate from Queens University, Canada with a major in Molecular Biology and Genetics and a Masters degree in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto. Amy is actively involved in a clinical research program with Harvard University Medical School to establish clinical research in Egypt and the Middle East.

We, at Al Mouneer, believe that Egypt is a goldmine for data and we have made it our mission to utilize this untapped resource. Therefore, our goal is to take advantage of our fully digitized patient care system to build a database of patient information. This database allows for the rapid extraction, comparison and compilation of data for use in publications in prestigious journals. We are currently using this database to conduct standardized and carefully controlled clinical prospective and respective clinical studies in order to address some of the pressing issues in the field of diabetic eye disease.