Meet Our Team

Noha Khater, MD

Inspired by a great passion to serve her patients, Dr. Noha’s vision and dedication were behind the development of Almouneer. Dr. Noha is a highly trained and talented eye surgeon specialized in the field of retinal diseases and surgery who acquired several degrees from the United Kingdom: MRCOphth (London), FRCSed (Edinburgh), PhD (Cairo University) and Clinical Retina Fellowship from the University of Texas Houston, USA.

Rania Kadry, PhD

Dr. Rania Kadry, was one of the first people in Egypt to establish the field of social science computing and to realize the impact of smart technology on people’s life. Both Dr. Noha and Dr. Rania initiated this innovative health care concept in May 2014 to serve our increasing diabetic population and help save their sight.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab, MD

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Sabaa is a doctor of Ophthalmology and obtained his medical degree from Cairo University and his Masters from Ain Shams University. He has accumulated extensive and varied experience in the health care management field most notably in the International Eye Hospital and Al Rowad Eye Hospital before joining the Almouneer team as COO.

Caroline Tawfik, MD

  • Lecturer of Ophthalmology, Ain Shams University, MD, FRCS (Glascow), ICO

A motivated, passionate, patient-oriented consultant ophthalmologist with expertise in medical retina, phacorefractive and electrophysiology of vision. Dr. Caroline also has evolving interests in inherited retinal disorders and ocular genetics.

Mohamed Alaa, MD
Doctor’s Coordinator and Medical Supervisor

  • Holds a Master’s Degree of Ophthalmology
  • Previous experience: Ophthalmology specialist in 4 hospitals before joining AlMouneer in 2015

Rana Hussein, MD
Senior Doctor – Clinical Research 

  • Conducts the preliminary examination of patients and orders any necessary investigations.
  •  Is an Assistant Lecturer in KasrAlainy hospital where she completed a 3-year residency including a year of general rounds.

Hala Abdulwahab, MD

  • MSc of Ophthalmology from Ain Shams University, ICO basic and Clinical Sciences holder, enrolled for PhD at Ain Shams University.
  • Ophthalmology Specialist at the memorial institute of ophthalmic research.

“I have the utmost passion for the career I have chosen in ophthalmology. I don’t only guard sight today, but I also help my patients have clear vision for their future.”

Held Khalil, MD

  • Masters degree of Ophthalmology from Kasr El Ainy, Cairo University Class of 2012.

“I am highly passionate about working in Al Mouneer Eye Care Center; to be a part of this great highly organized group and to be the best that I can in providing top quality care to my patients”

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Eid

  • M.B.B.CH. AinShams university, First part Master degree Al Azhar university

“My passion is providing evidence-based care with a team that is patient centered for providing the best outcomes for sight threatening retinal diseases.”


Optometrists are our front line in the providing services to our patients. We have a team of highly trained specialists that are specialised in assisting doctors with examining the eyes to determine the presence of any eye or vision problems. Optometrists help ophthalmologists in prescribing glasses, checking vision, and are also trained to use ophthalmology diagnostic tools.


With experience exceeding 15 years in dealing with our patients and caring for their vision, the team is exceptionally trained to provide patient care through scheduling appointments, making follow up calls, receiving complaints and making sure insured patients receive and submit relevant documents.


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Nurses provide nursing care to patients; assisting them through their day at the center, providing comfort and assisting with eye drops application and imaging.