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Almouneer’s #150min Challenge

In honour of World Diabetes Day, take part in the #150min challenge with Almouneer by challenging a friend to incorporate 150 minutes of exercise into their week, so 20-25 mins a day for one week.

Why 150 minutes?
Studies have shown that being active for 150 minutes per week can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle which is an important part of dealing with, as well as delaying the onset of, diabetes.

Join the challenge to help raise awareness for diabetes and prevent vision loss due to diabetes.

Almouneer Diabetic Retinopathy Awareness Day

Almouneer’s Dr. Caroline Tawfik gave a talk at Almouneer Diabetic Retinopathy Awareness Day in October earlier this year.

The event was dedicated to spotlighting the importance of the cooperation between internal medicine doctors and ophthalmologists for a fully integrated diabetic eye treatment.

The day was part of Almouneer’s initiative for continuous medical education.

Dr. Noha Khater – Almouneer founder

Get a closer look on the visionary behind Almouneer