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5th Monthly Scientific Meeting

Last Monday marked our 5th Monthly Scientific Meeting. However, this time we did it differently; the Scientific Meeting was not quite scientific but rather inspirational. Our meeting featured motivational talks from Dr. Mostafa Nabih, Dr. Noha Khater and Dr. Rania Kadry about their journeys and the people behind their success. We were honoured by the presence of Dr. Mostafa Nabih and his collaboration with Almouneer.


We would like to thank Novartis for their contribution and everyone else who participated!









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Almouneer Research and Education Launched!

We, at Almouneer, believe that Egypt is a goldmine for data and we have made it our mission to utilize this untapped resource. Our mission is to make use of our electronic patient care system to build a database of patient information. This database allows for the rapid extraction, comparison and compilation of data for use in publications in prestigious journals such as The Lancet. We are currently using this database to conduct standardized and carefully controlled clinical trials and respective clinical studies in order to attempt to undertake some of the critical issues in the field of diabetic eye disease. 

Almouneer Research & Education offers a variety of research activities and services to support all busy physicians and scientists in every step of the research process.

Some of those services include but are not limited to:

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An Interview with Dr. Noha Khater about her Journey

Egypt is densely populated with people suffering from diabetes. The numbers are growing at an unprecedented rate and that’s when Dr. Noha Khater stepped in and founded Almouneer in 2014 to tackle this contentious issue. Dr. Noha discovered that more and more people were losing their eyesight due to diabetes and there was a gap in the market. Partnering with Dr. Rania Kadry, an IT consultant, Dr. Noha combined medicine and technology to create the first fully digitized diabetic eye care center in the Middle East and Egypt. Dr. Noha had a mission of changing patients’ behaviors towards diseases. In order to do so, she established the NGO Control. Control aims to raise awareness about the implications of diabetes and the importance of controlling them for an improved overall quality of life of the diabetic patient’s lives. For her great achievements and contribution to the society, Dr. Noha was voted one of the finalists for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

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The Launch of Control NGO

Our founders and Almouneer team members launching Control NGO, whose goal is to raise awareness for the importance of diabetes control as a means to improve the overall quality of life for the diabetic patient a cause that is in dire need to be addressed in Egypt especially. The organisations’ focus is on educating the public on the hazards of diabetes and the preventable complications it causes like blindness, heart and kidney diseases as well as disabilities. The focus is also to provide as much free health care and screening to diabetics who aren’t able to access the care they need as well as fundraising for diabetes research in order to one day cure adults and kids that can be affected by this disease.

For more information connect with the Control NGO page on messenger.

Almouneer at RiseUp Summit 2017

Our co-founders, Noha Khater and Rania Kadry, took part in #RiseUp17, by being part of a panel discussion on Disrupting the HealthTech Industry.

As innovators in the health sector themselves, spoke about how technology can improve health care in Egypt, with other leaders in the field like with AXA Egypt, and Balsamee. 

“Technology is the key and the future for better health care for everyone.” – Rania Kadry

“Healthcare is now more than ever about convenience for the patient and technology provides that.” – Noha Khater

Almouneer’s #150min Challenge

In honour of World Diabetes Day, take part in the #150min challenge with Almouneer by challenging a friend to incorporate 150 minutes of exercise into their week, so 20-25 mins a day for one week.

Why 150 minutes?
Studies have shown that being active for 150 minutes per week can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle which is an important part of dealing with, as well as delaying the onset of, diabetes.

Join the challenge to help raise awareness for diabetes and prevent vision loss due to diabetes.

Almouneer Diabetic Retinopathy Awareness Day

Almouneer’s Dr. Caroline Tawfik gave a talk at Almouneer Diabetic Retinopathy Awareness Day in October earlier this year.

The event was dedicated to spotlighting the importance of the cooperation between internal medicine doctors and ophthalmologists for a fully integrated diabetic eye treatment.

The day was part of Almouneer’s initiative for continuous medical education.