About Us

Our Story

Inspired by a great passion to serve her patients, Almouneer started as the vision of our founder Dr. Noha Khater, a highly trained and talented eye surgeon specialized in the field of retinal diseases and surgery who acquired several PhD and fellowship degrees in Ophthalmic diseases and surgery from the United Kingdom, United States and Egypt.

Overwhelmed by a soaring population of diabetes in Egypt and the Middle East and the increasing number of patients losing their eyesight due to diabetes, made Noha determined to create a unique and specialized service for those patients to prevent blindness from diabetes. Patients were confused by the diverse, random and fragmented health care service they were being offered everywhere and Noha wanted to offer them a unique smart service that is fully digital in order to better serve her chronic patients, so she partnered with Rania Kadry, an experienced IT consultant who helped make this dream a reality. Dr. Rania Kadry, was one of the first people in Egypt to establish the field of social science computing and to realize the impact of smart technology on people’s life, which wasthe focus of her PhD degree. Together, in May 2014, Noha and Rania established Almouneer, an innovative health care concept, that introduced technology in the healthcare sector, to better serve our increasing diabetic population and help save their eyesight.

Our Concept

Almouneer represents a new concept that caters to a big sector of our population and addresses a dire need in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

We are a team of dedicated ophthalmologists, optometrists, technicians, medical assistants, coordinators and researchers set to care, cure and educate diabetic patients, to ensure they live a long healthy sight full life.

Patients with diabetes benefit from our proper standard of care and close monitoring, through our fully digitized records and advanced medical and diagnostic equipment, with the goal of saving our patients vision throughout their lives.

Our Mission & Why We Stand Out

Caring for our patients is not only our goal, but also one of our key services, that is why we strive to preserve our patients’ precious sight by creating an atmosphere of high quality care and awareness.
We want to provide all our patients with the chance of having their eyes checked, monitored and treated by some of the finest in the ophthalmology field through our group of highly trained, ophthalmologists specialized in dealing with diabetic eye problems as well as offering care and advice for our patients.

Our exceptional doctors follow the standard protocols set by the American Society of Retina Specialists as well as the guidelines set by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in London in the detection and treatment of diabetic eye problems. If you start your journey at Almouneer with the onset of Diabetes, we promise you this, you will never go blind.