An Interview with Dr. Noha Khater about her Journey

An Interview with Dr. Noha Khater about her Journey

Egypt is densely populated with people suffering from diabetes. The numbers are growing at an unprecedented rate and that’s when Dr. Noha Khater stepped in and founded Almouneer in 2014 to tackle this contentious issue. Dr. Noha discovered that more and more people were losing their eyesight due to diabetes and there was a gap in the market. Partnering with Dr. Rania Kadry, an IT consultant, Dr. Noha combined medicine and technology to create the first fully digitized diabetic eye care center in the Middle East and Egypt. Dr. Noha had a mission of changing patients’ behaviors towards diseases. In order to do so, she established the NGO Control. Control aims to raise awareness about the implications of diabetes and the importance of controlling them for an improved overall quality of life of the diabetic patient’s lives. For her great achievements and contribution to the society, Dr. Noha was voted one of the finalists for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

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