Almouneer at Retina Focus Day in Luxor

Almouneer at Retina Focus Day in Luxor

Retina Focus Day organised by Bayer, took place in Luxor at the end of last year. Our founder Dr. Noha Khater and one of our doctors Caroline Tawfik were among the many attendees, who as representatives of Almouneer are setting the guidelines for the national practice of diabetic eye disease management in Egypt and the Middle East.

Our founder, Noha, lead the international panel at the event, which was meant to highlight the effects of Diabetes on the Eye and the latest treatment protocols to prevent blindness from Diabetes.

As a part of Almouneer’s continuous initiative to promote medical education, Dr. Caroline Tawfik participated in the event as well by giving a captivating talk about the challenges faced by ophthalmologists when diagnosing challenging eye diseases.

Joining over 150 ophthalmologists from around the world to discuss new treatments for eye diseases. Noha, as a pioneer in Egypt’s healthtech community, leads advocacy for diabetic patients through Almouneer, providing an innovative treatment, detection and protection program, and is among many working to establish guidelines in Egypt and the Middle East for the national practice of diabetic eye disease management.


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