Almouneer is the first electronic Diabetic Eye Care Center in Egypt. We are specialized in early diabetic detection as well as the protection of diabetic patient’s eyes.

You can now easily book your eye examination online with the click of a button. Visit our contact us page for the online form.

Connect with Almouneer staff members here and let us know about your experience with AlMouneer or if you have any comments or reviews you’d like to share. This is a space dedicated for you to share your journey with us and for you to get viable feedback from our professional staff if you have any questions.


Almouneer Scientific Day

Almouneer’s Dr. Caroline Tawfik gave a talk at Almouneer Scientific Day in October earlier this year. The event was dedicated to spotlighting the importance of the cooperation between internal medicine doctors and ophthalmologists for a fully integrated diabetic eye treatment. The day was part of Almouneer’s initiative for continuous medical education.

Almouneer Co-Founder Noha Khater at the Highlights on International Congresses 2017

Prof. Dr. Noha Khater was present at the Highlights on International Congresses 2017 which took place on the 27th of October in the Fairmont. She gave a talk on tackling diabetic patients’ eye issues and how to manage them.  

Almouneer Diabetic Eye Care NGO

AlMouneer eye care NGO will launch its free screening at several doctors clinics – Announcing locations soon.