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The first electronic Diabetic Eye Center in Egypt

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AlMouneer is the first electronic Diabetic Retina Center in Egypt. We are specialized in early diabetic detection as well as the protection of the eyes of patients suffering from diabetes.

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Now you can book your eye check online easily with a click of a button, visit our contact us page for the online form.

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Connect with AlMouneer staff. Please tell us about your experience, if you have any comments or reviews… This space is also to share your journey with us and get viable feedback from our professional staff.


As part of providing the best care possible to our patients, we offer a great range of high quality digital ocular services.

Digital Retina Screening

Without needing to dilate the patients' pupils and causing discomfort, in less than 30 seconds, this device can scan both eyes for any retinal problems. The main objective behind this technology is to ease the process of early detection and documentation with minimal waiting time for the patient.

Advanced Retinal Imaging

Fluorescein Angiography and OCT: Combining multiple new imaging techniques and modalities, this technique allows multiple tests to be performed at the same setting, saving our patient's time, and allowing our specialists to diagnose and treat the problems immediately while providing patients with instant results.

Pattern Laser treatment

Considered as one of the most recent advances in laser technology. This laser technique is used to treat different retinal problems by focusing on the affected areas only, without causing any pain or damage to other parts of the retina and with less time and sessions needed for treatment. It's one of the fastest and most accurate laser machines manufactured worldwide.

Technology and EMR

One of our unique features is that the patient's data will be analyzed and saved in a sophisticated electronic medical records warehouse (EMR). The EMR would help us keep track of the diabetic eye changes from its onset, preventing visual deterioration through early intervention and serial recording. Our highly sophisticated EMR is unique to our service and customized to serve our patients. Other Advanced Retinal Diagnostics: Including intraocular ultrasound as well as visual field assessment to help evaluate all ocular abnormalities associated with diabetes.


AlMouneer home visits

Reaching to our patients for better service. Diabetic eye care at the convenience of your home. If you cant come to us, we will come take care of your eyes.

AlMouneer Branches

AlMouneer screening services coming closer to you, wherever you are.. More details will follow.

AlMouneer eye care NGO

AlMouneer eye care NGO will launch its free screening at several doctors clinics - Announcing locations soon.

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